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Family Law

Going through a divorce? This is a stressful time-things are uncertain for you, and you just want what's best for your family. You need a trusted family law attorney by your side.

Felony & Misdemeanor Cases

Washington doesn't take violations lightly. When you're facing life in prison, our attorneys will work for a better outcome.

Wildlife Law

Were you caught trespassing? Don't spend next season at home. Contact our law firm for a chance to clear your record.

Firearm Rights

If your criminal record is preventing you from owning a firearm, ask Attorney Robert Melvin to take action.

When You Feel Like a Defenseless Defendant...

Choose Us for a Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney in Tacoma, WA

Whether or not you intended to commit the crime, you're facing criminal charges and you don't know what to do. Robert Melvin Attorney at Law has the legal knowledge and wisdom you need to confidently go to trial. As your felony defense attorney in Tacoma, Washington, Robert Melvin will provide a free consultation and extensive courtroom insight.

Our law firm is in the business of building relationships. We recognize that you are a person first and foremost - not a convict, troublemaker or embarrassment. You are more than a case file and deserve to be treated as a person with worth and value. Trust us to preserve your dignity and fight for your rights as your trusted criminal defense attorney. Our firm also focuses on hunting law and firearm rights.

What are the consequences?

Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, contact us today. The state of Washington often regards misdemeanors as minor criminal offenses. You could face up to 90 days in jail and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Don't let a fleeting mistake ruin your financial stability or reputation. Attorney Robert Melvin can tackle your misdemeanor case with ease. He can also represent you when you're facing Class A felony charges. Contact us for assistance with:

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Lawyers are often criticized for being condescending and expensive. Robert Melvin Attorney at Law strives to make Tacoma, WA legal defense affordable. We offer all of our clients a free consultation. Ask us for an estimate and trust us to put your needs first. If you remain skeptical, just read this recent review from a local client:

I have worked with many attorneys and Rob Melvin is outstanding. Always available to return my phone calls and emails, he takes the time to make sure I am prepared for court...He also represented me in several traffic tickets in both King and Pierce County; he got them dismissed. Highly recommended!