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You were excited for the chance to unplug and pursue big game. Then your weekend got shot with hunting violations. Maybe it was a case of bad company corrupting good character. Perhaps you genuinely didn’t mean to trespass or break a hunting law. Regardless of your motive, you’ll find Attorney Robert Melvin is able to assist you with poaching defense in Tacoma, Washington. Call 253-820-0729 for more information about how to get hunting charges dropped.

Have you unintentionally started a manhunt?

Your harmless hunting hobby has turned into a headache. You've been summoned to court despite your attempts to appeal your case. Our team of legal experts will listen to your side of the story and create a defense for:

  • Hunting out of season
  • Exceeding the bag limits
  • Taking animals too soon
  • Unlawful hunting of big game
  • Baiting and trapping violations
  • Bow hunting and firearm use
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