Mr. Melvin was a great attorney to help settle my case, even when I further hurt the case he kept things ok and all was well. I am recommending his services to all friends and family if they are ever in need.

Mr. Melvin helped me out tremendously when I was going through with court actions. He was very confident and is very knowledgeable in his practice. He was very quick and detailed to any questions I may have had. I highly recommend him to everyone. Best attorney I have ever used. Thanks for everything you do Robert Melvin.

I have worked with many attorneys and Rob Melvin is outstanding. Always available to return my phone calls and emails, he takes the time to make sure I am prepared for court. Rob Melvin has helped me with two family cases in King County with good results. He also represented me in several traffic tickets in both King and Pierce County; he got them dismissed. Highly recommended!

Rob is definitely professional, and helpful. My case was so messed up where the judge wanted to hang me, I went to Rob and he let me know that its all going to be ok. After 12 months of letting him do his thing, the outcome was awesome! No fine, no court cost, and no more judge wanting to throw the book at me. I would recommend Rob to anyone who wants a fair or better than fair day with the Judge. At almost anytime of the day I could reach Rob for answers with my case. Thanks Rob for what you have done for me and my family.

Mr. Melvin represented me for a dui charge. While I was feeling a lot of anxiety and embarrassment, he made me feel at ease and explained exactly what was going to happen and how his services could help me in my case. His confidence in his capabilities were reflected in the outcome of my case, which I was completely satisfied with. I highly recommend Mr. Melvin if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation such as a DUI charge. I even took a stack of his business cards to hand out to people in my field of work.

Robert Melvin is an awesome attorney, he was thrown my case in like one day. My attorney didn't show up, so he took it over. And he did a great job fighting for me. I was suppose to go to jail, and he got me no jail time and a very little fine! Awesome attorney

I have known Attorney Rob Melvin since 2012. I have always been impressed with Rob's legal knowledge, and his responsiveness when I had questions or concerns about my case and the legal process. There are tons of attorneys out there too busy to return their clients phone calls, but Rob isn't that kind of attorney. Rob is always available to his clients, and will always find time to meet with someone needing legal advice. Not only has Rob gone above and beyond for me, but I have also seen him do the same for other clients. One of the best aspects of this firm is that I know my legal issues will be taken care of and handled both professionally and with the utmost confidentiality. I have gone to Rob for issues for myself, and also referred my loved ones to Rob as well, completely trusting his expertise and experience. My family and friends have been equally impressed with Rob. While no one wants to have legal issues, it makes it easier and less stressful knowing an attorney like Rob is in your corner.

In 2012 I caught a felony elude Rob took my case plus my driving cases I was looking at 40, months but after fighting for five months rob asked for a exceptional sentence of residential DOSA which was unheard of in pierce county the judge agreed I graduated two years of it and I still use Rob I would never obtain any attorney but him he gives me legal advice he's always there when needed I obtained him for my husband just recently he is handling it now ,Rob Melvin becomes more then just your attorney hes a friend and a trusted person to always not turn you away he's good at what he does and is a funny intelligent man who works hard to make everyone happy with the out come most inmportantly he ain't scared to go to trial he's a amazing guy a and even a better attorney I recommend him to everyone I know so thank you Rob for everything you've done for me and my family.....

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